Corporate Photography
Corporate Headshots


Whether you are a small company with just you or a team of people, or even a large company with 500 employees it’s massively important to present a good image to prospective clients.
Many companies and individuals use websites such as LinkedIn to promote their company and having a universal set of headshots goes a long way to show how professional you are. At least half of the headshots on LinkedIn are just from phones or dragged right from Facebook, so if you have a proper headshot, you and your company will look instantly more professional.
If you have a large employee base then we can work with you so as there is minimal disruption to your working day. Usually setting up inside your office somewhere we can bring each person in and photograph them quickly and efficiently.
We bring our own professional equipment and can capture the traditional style or something more contemporary and informal.
Some of our recent clients include Fuse Recruitment, Luther Pendragon and HRPlus
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With over 10 years experience in the video production industry, RG Studios has worked with a range of innovative and commercial clients around the world. From England to Africa and the US and Europe.
We produce touching wedding videos for couples, informative commercial corporate videos and much more.
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