Working on the house and studio continues.

Jessie and I moved into our first house over a year ago now after finding while over in the US we were lucky that it hadn’t been sold by the time we got back to England. Right in the middle of the town it suited us perfectly as it not only had a perfect space for a photography studio but also had great connections to London via the high-speed rail link just a short walk away.
The house was also a blank slate, so many of the places we looked at had the previous owners style built into it and we would have to re do some of their work.

We made a little video showing the house just before we moved in and at some stage i’ll make another one showing it when its done, however long away that is.

The biggest changes over the last month have to be to the studio as we finally have floor! As well as the hallway leading up to the 3rd floor studio.

So thats all for now but in a months time there should be plenty more to show off and maybe I’ll show off a bit of the other things we have done around the house.

  • TJ Lambert
    Posted at 05:30h, 29 December Reply

    Watching you on American TV at the mo… As a photographer Stateside, it was easy least to find you :o) For the record, my hubby & myself knew you would choose the house with the skylights for a studio… But with him bring a cop, we were kinda rooting for the Olde Bobby’s House, not gonna lie. ;o)

  • TJ
    Posted at 05:32h, 29 December Reply

    Holy type-os… Sorry (DYAC)!

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