Trosley Country Park Engagement : Emma + David

I first met Emma and David at the Inn on the Lake wedding fair and we met again in Trosley Country Park for their engagement session. They had found an amazing location in the park, which had an interesting mix of nature and synthetic.

Engagement sessions are a fantasitc way of getting to know the couple, finding out how they are together and what shots they are comfortable doing. Its great practice too for their wedding day, plus I get to find out more details about the wedding and what they have planned for the big day.


emma_david_RGS-004 emma_david_RGS-035 emma_david_RGS-055 emma_david_RGS-042 emma_david_RGS-062 emma_david_RGS-066 emma_david_RGS-102 emma_david_RGS-105 emma_david_RGS-109 emma_david_RGS-122 emma_david_RGS-144 emma_david_RGS-165 emma_david_RGS-183 emma_david_RGS-185 emma_david_RGS-200 emma_david_RGS-203



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