Studio lighting example with Kit

I thought that I’d share another recent photoshoot with some details of the simple lighting used in the studio here in Ashford.

Kit came in a while back for some portfolio shots and after using the white paper for a bit, we thought we would change the mood slightly and add the grey backdrop. Using the 4x2foot gridded strip box at the back to the left of kit it added a slight rim light to the edge of her. This is real useful for separating the subject from the background and also giving a little more depth.

The main Key light was a normal 3x3foot softbox to the front right of her. Its always best to plonk your main light at 45degrees to the subject and then change it from there. Putting it down at least gives you a starting point. I usually feature the sides of the softbox so that its not giving direct light. This way it also doesn’t spill quite as much onto the grey background.

After that the photo takes a trip from camera to lightroom and then to photoshot where I clean up some of the skin, dress and background.

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