Stock Brook Manor Country Club Wedding : Emily + Ricky

The last wedding of the year is always going to be special and it was a total pleasure to be there for Emily and Ricky on their wedding day at Stock Brook Manor Country Club in Essex.

Even though the it was a bit windy and we got ‘locked’ inside a giant chest board…they had the perfect wedding, and just in time for Ricky’s birthday, here is a small preview of some of their wedding images. The rest, including their wedding video to come soon, that is, as soon as they have come to the studio to view them and drink some champagne!


ricky_emily_RGS-012 ricky_emily_RGS-013 ricky_emily_RGS-040 ricky_emily_RGS-055 ricky_emily_RGS-091 ricky_emily_RGS-107 ricky_emily_RGS-120 ricky_emily_RGS-125 ricky_emily_RGS-150 ricky_emily_RGS-165 ricky_emily_RGS-169 ricky_emily_RGS-176 ricky_emily_RGS-184 ricky_emily_RGS-237 ricky_emily_RGS-248 ricky_emily_RGS-250 ricky_emily_RGS-264 ricky_emily_RGS-268 ricky_emily_RGS-270 ricky_emily_RGS-272 ricky_emily_RGS-286 ricky_emily_RGS-288 ricky_emily_RGS-290 ricky_emily_RGS-389 ricky_emily_RGS-498 ricky_emily_RGS-520



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