Newlands Chapel Kent Wedding : Toni + Olly

It was relaxed and calm the moment I walked through the door for the bridal preparation, no.. wait, relaxed and calm from the moment I met Toni and Olly when they came into our photography studio in Ashford.

They both live in Ashford so it meant that their wedding was close by and with everything in reach it made for a very relaxed wedding.
Their venue for the ceremony was Newlands Chapel in Kent, I’ve been there a few times before and although its a slightly dark grade 2 listed medieval chapel its a fantastic place to get married. Its also discreetly located near the small village of Charing.

After the wedding we all came to The Kennigton, close by in Ashford, complete with amazing Indian food and an ice cream van that showed up half way through! Also, top marks on the cake as well as your guests.

It was a fantastic way to start the year of weddings, congratulations Toni and Olly.


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