Little things make a Big Change!

When we moved into our first house just over a year ago, there were terrible threadbare carpets EVERYWHERE: all over the house, in the studio, the bedrooms, the hallway, and even on the stairs. One of the first things we did was pull up the carpet in the studio and on the stairs. However, we were left with horrible half-painted carpet-glued rough wood.

After dealing with constant dust and the worn down moulting hallway, we finally came to a quick and cheap temporary solution: paint it!
And now it looks sooo much better! If we could only find an interesting floor runner to cover the hall’s obvious floorboards, it’d all come together.

The stairs look great though, and we have a nice surprise for the risers. The floor in the hallway isn’t as perfect, but it’s a whole lot better than the stained blue carpet that was there before. Until we get the proper flooring it will have to do. Next thing is tackling the walls in the hallway and hanging loads of pictures!

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