Inn on the Lake Wedding : Gaynor + Colin

Weddings cars come in all shapes and sizes and you really cant complain when its an old 1960’s red Mustang! But the car wasn’t the only amazing thing about Colin and Gaynor’s wedding at The Inn on the Lake in Kent. Apart from their fantastic dance through the ages their wedding was filled with great people.


gaynor_colin_RGS-033 gaynor_colin_RGS-045 gaynor_colin_RGS-053 gaynor_colin_RGS-074 gaynor_colin_RGS-083 gaynor_colin_RGS-133 gaynor_colin_RGS-154 gaynor_colin_RGS-161 gaynor_colin_RGS-274 gaynor_colin_RGS-263 gaynor_colin_RGS-247 gaynor_colin_RGS-219 gaynor_colin_RGS-288 gaynor_colin_RGS-217 gaynor_colin_RGS-213 gaynor_colin_RGS-207


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