Grace and Lola’s Studio Photoshoot

Its always good to have old friends in the studio for shoots, even more so when they bring the newest addition to the family for her first wide awake photoshoot!

I’m now starting to do more and more baby pictures which might mean spring is on the way, however looking above the computer screen at the wind and rain hitting the window seems to show the opposite. I’m sure warm weather is on the way. We had a taste of it a few weeks ago and now we want more.

On a side note Jessie and I moved into the house 1 year ago, we celebrated on having the same meal as we did on that first night….KFC and Champagne! After eating so much and being really slow to move around on Saturday morning it was nice to have Natalie and the kids over for the shoot. Now if we can just get Simon into the studio at the same time we would have all four of you!

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