Family Photo Session : Attwood

On Saturday 25th April 2015 Justin and Dannielle Attwood came to Rg Studios in Ashford Kent for a family photography session with their three daughters Eva, Josephina and Elodie. While capturing some lovely images of little Elodie, her two doting older sisters, Eva and Josephina helped add elements to the scene such as flowers books and teddy bears. Once I had finished that part of the session Eva and Josephina posed very nicely with their little sister and were very good helping to keep her in position so I could capture the three of them together. When we were ready to bring Justin and Danielle into the photographs, Eva and Josephina were very excited to pose with mum and dad and some beautiful group shots were captured for the family to enjoy.


Attwood_family01 Attwood_family02 Attwood_family04 Attwood_family05 Attwood_family06 Attwood_family08 Attwood_family09 Attwood_family10 Attwood_family11 Attwood_family12



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