Emily Hocking

Hello, I’m Emily! I have recently joined RG Studios and I’m thoroughly enjoying working with such a great team.


I started out in photography by taking it as a GCSE and absolutely loved it, I then went on to study it as an A-level and back in June 2013, I graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Photography from the University for the Creative Arts, in Rochester.


The main subject of photography I favour is people. Whether it is family, engagement, wedding or more fashion-based photography, I enjoy it! The main thing I find so interesting about people photography is simply the fact that every person is just so different, unique but equally significant and I love to capture this.


My style of photography is natural, fun and captures personality. One of the things I enjoyed when second shooting weddings was capturing the candid shots of people enjoying themselves. Moments that are moving, like the father’s face when the vows are exchanged but also moments that are very ordinary, but still lovely to have a photograph of, for example, two children sharing a hug after a little falling out, or someone pulling an unwilling person to the dance floor! They’re moments that may have gone unnoticed at the time, but that are nice to think back to when looking through the photo album!


For family shoots, I mainly photograph on location at the moment but I use the studio when it is preferred or if it just suits the style or the shoot better! I am always looking for inspiration to develop my creativity for shoots and my strong interest in art has a great influence on this as well.


As well as the art side of it, I feel my interest in photography also stems from the fact that time seems to move so fast, and I feel it’s important to stop and capture a moment of it to keep as a memory that you can look at everyday!

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