Charlotte Ambrose Fashion

Last month I was invited to shoot for Charlotte Ambrose over at UCA Epsom for her final piece collection with Dani Race from BMA models. We also had Natalie Kay proving makeup services for the day.

Overall such a great collection of garments with strong cat prints throughout.


charlotte01_RGS-074-Edit charlotte01_RGS-098-Edit charlotte07_RGS-091-Edit charlotte06_RGS-133-Edit charlotte06_RGS-113-Edit charlotte06_RGS-094-Edit charlotte06_RGS-073-Edit charlotte05_RGS-105-Edit charlotte05_RGS-069-Edit charlotte04_RGS-126-Edit charlotte04_RGS-121-Edit charlotte04_RGS-099-Edit charlotte03_RGS-076-Edit charlotte03_RGS-074-Edit charlotte02_RGS-084-Edit charlotte02_RGS-068-Edit


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