Actor Showreel with Kirsty Nadine

Earlier this week Kirsty Nadine popped into the studio, we did a photoshoot a while ago, almost a year back so it was a pleasure to have her back into the studio to do some filming and a quick shoot afterwards.
The showreel pieces I’m working on are for actors that need to show short monologue pieces that they can add to their showreel.

Over the next week or so I’ll be putting all the details on the website so actors can come to the studio and book their own monologue piece at a very affordable price. You can also combine your headshot session with the monologue. Come to the studio, have your headshots done and we will record 2 short monologue pieces for only £200 or just the monologue pieces for £150.

Kirsty Nadine Actor

Kirsty Nadine Actor

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