A new Family Member

We have had a very busy holiday season over here, not only has it been Christmas and New Year but it was also Jessie’s 25th birthday. For the last few months I’ve been thinking of the purrfect give for her…excuse the pun…

After having to leave her cat behind in the US after we got married and came back to the UK I thought getting her a little kitten would be ideal, oh and the fact that I think she has been dropping hints since we got back here!

So on December 30th we jumped in the car and after an hour of her asking where we were going we arrived at the front door of a house she didn’t know. Two second later we were greeted by Mister Captain Theodore Grebby Esquire (her choice)…Theo for short.

So far he is doing great and has settled in really well, after un wrapping the black studio roll I got a couple months ago I thought it would be ideal to make a post and show him off! After he attacked the paper for a few minutes he actually stopped to pose on the box.

So, Happy New Year from the three of us and I’m really sorry in advance for all the silly kitten photos over the next few months…years!

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